About Us


The Butter Kings concept was born in early 2015. We wanted to produce home accessories people use on a daily basis, which are full of colorful prints, funny pictures and crazy combinations. We produce laundry bags,  mugs, cushions, rugs,  wall pictures, furniture, etc. 

Our production is based in Czech Republic, we do not import anything from China and produce everything locally. We believe that quality matters and this is the only way to control it.

All the designs are carefully picked by a creative team to ensure your good mood everytime you see your favorite mug,  cushion or coffee table. 

We are very happy that after such short time on the market we already cooperate with numerous  partners across the whole Europe and US and sell thousands items every month. It is something which embrace us to give you even more crazy designs and products:) If you are interested to sell our products, reach us at partners@butterkings.comwe will be happy to answer.